Has been working in film editing at the Riga Film Studio since 1976.
All in all has editited about 200 films, mainly documentaries.

As of 1997 is working at Latvian & Danish joint venture
Training and Co-production Centre with
Avid Media Composer 1000 editing & AVID xpress Pro programmes.
Gunta Ikere
film editing

The list of selected films edited by Gunta Ikere:

Marschland dir. Kaspars Goba
Living for the Dream dir.Una Celma
Birthday dir. Brigita Eglite
Found in America dir.
Sandris Jura
Nora and Leonora dir.
Harijs Bekeris
I'm Coming Back For Real dir.Una Celma
The Followers dir. Andis Miziss
Workshop in the Countryside dir. Olafs Okonovs
Man on Top of Hill dir.Aivars Freimanis
With Grass on Your Mind, Andis Miziss
For All My Life, dir.Romualds Pipars
Freskles on Cheek of Beautiful K., dir.A.Freimanis
Stumble, dir.Andis Miziss
Egg Lady, dir. Una Celma
"Art Nouveau Riga", dir. Arta Biseniece
Boriss Says, dir. Olafs Okonovs
The Road to Sydney dir. Talivaldis Margevics
Poco a poco..., dir. Inara Kolmane
Stumble dir.Andis Miziss
The Tender Flow of the Livs’ Language One Week Before the End of the World dir.
Aivars Freimanis
Liberty Live, dir. Romualds Pipars
The Red and the Brown, dir.Askolds Saulitis
Stork. The Sacred Bird, dir. Romualds Pipars
Eastern Border of the Land dir.Romualds Pipars
Spanish Capriccio, dir. Janis Ozolins-Ozols
Elza and Arturs, dir. Andis Miziss
Gavriila, dir. Romualds Pipars
Playing with Stones, dir. Ansis Epners
The Commune, dir. Arta Biseniece
Trivium, dir. Laima Zurgina
Don’t Forget Karl!, dir. Talivaldis Margevics, Romualds Pipars
90 Meters from Rome to the Forum, dir. Romualds Pipars
Draggon’s Egg, dir. Talivaldis Margevics
Hat on the Pavement, dir. Talivaldis Margevics
Seven Days in August, dir. Romualds Pipars
Depression, dir. Aloizs Brencs
Chief of the Secret Service, dir. Romualds Pipars

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