1969 - 1975 Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, Department of Film Directors
Latvian (native); English; Russian (fluent)
Pēteris Krilovs
Since 1985 - a member of the Filmmakers Union.
Work Experience:

Professor at the Latvian Academv of Culture, Drāma Department (since1993)
Film Director, Film Studio "Zalktis"
1988 - 1993 Lecturer, Drama Department, Academy of Music
Director of the International Festival of Contemporarv Theatre Homo Novus (since 1995)
Expert on the Board of National Film Centre (since 2000)Expert on the Arts and Culture Board, Soros Foundation-Latvia (1996-1998)
Artistic Director of the Summer School Baltie Seaside Drama '98
Artistic Director of Daugavpils Theatre (1994-1996)
Film director at the Riga Film Studio (1975-1990)

1998 "Janis Tidemanis. A Legend", feature
1995 "Daugava", video (award "Lielais Kristaps")
1994 TheTouch video
1994 "Save the Children", video
1994 "Between the Sky and the Earth", documentary
1991 "For Motherland and Freedom", documentary in cooperation with UNESCO
1991 "The Old Riga In and Out", documentary
1990 "Save the Children", documentary
1989 "Maestro", short film
1989 "The Turn of the Plot", feature
1985 "How We Left Our Home", short film
1985 "Outside", short film
1984 "The Door Opened for You", feature
1982 "My Family", feature
1979 "The Summer Lasted Only One Day", feature
1977 "And the Dew Drops in the Morning", feature
Theatre produetions:

Werther by J. W. Goethe, New Riga Theatre (1999)

Euralien: LandscapeX, Stockholm, produced by Intercult (1998)

Mother of Engels Joanna by J.Ivaskevic, National Theatre of Latvia (1997)

Brothers Karamazov by F.Dostoevsky, Drāma Department at the Latvian

Academv of Culture (1997)

Duel by A. Chekhov, L. Gundars at Daugavpils Theatre (1995)

It 's Me, Feuerbach by T.Dorst, at Daugavpils Theatre (1995)

Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut by A. Prevost, co-

production of the New Riga Theatre and Daugavpils Theatre (1994)

The Possessed by F.Dostoevsky at Daugavpils Theatre (1993, award for the

best production of the year)

Gluck, the Night by E.T.A.Hoffman at Daugavpils Theatre (1992)

The Tenth by G.Green at Valmiera Drāma Theatre (1992)

The Sound and Fury by W. Folkner at Daugavpils Theatre (1991, award for

the debut in theatre direction)



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