Education:BA, Finance Management in progress

Training courses:“TV Management for Producers” (1996 and 1999) and “TV and Film Co-Production” (1997 and 1999) “Avid Media Composer Film Editing system” (1997) at Baltic Media Centre, Denmark
Kristians Luhaers

Work experience (latest first)

Jan. 2004 - present
Producer of Latvian, Hungarian, Russian, German co-production film “Gulf Stream Under the Ice Berg” at Nida Filma
Jun. 2006 - present
Executive producer of feature film “Triple Dance” at Kaupo Filma.
Dec. 2005 – May 2006
Editor of full length documentary “Father, Kin and Thresher”, short documentary “Children Of Their Own Land” and music video “Never Look Back” (“F.L.Y”) at Eho filma and Kaupo Filma
Aug. 2005 – Dec. 2005

Production manager of short feature film “Following Target” at Screen Vision (commissioned by Milistry of Defence of Latvia)

Assistant editor of feature film “Dark Deer” at Kaupo Filma
Feb. 2005 – Aug 2005
Editor and video engineer of full length documentary “Anatomy of Celebration” (Subjectiv filma) and feature “You’re Sexy When You’re Sad” (Kaupo Filma)

June – July 2005


April 2005

Location manager of TV series “Polizeiruf 110. Die Lettin und Ihr Lover” (2006),  (Hessische Rundfunk, Germany).

Location manager of TV series “Strange Hotels” (2005) Latvian part (Axial Entertainment, USA)

April 2004 – present


April – Sept. 2004


April – Sept. 2004

Producer of feature films, documentaries, TV game shows and commercials at Screen Vision studio.

Executive producer of the 16 student films in Fred’s Kelleman workshop “Moskachka” (shorts, documentaries)

Production manager of feature film by Fred Kelleman “Fallen” at Screen Vision in co-production Kino Kombat, (Germany) (Rotterdam IFF, 2005; Berlin IFF, Forum 2005; Karlovy Vary IFF competition, 2005) .
Dec. 2003 - present
Producer of the documentary series “Driving in Danger”, “If the Animals Could Speak” for “Discovery Europe” and “Animal Planet” in co-production with First Freedom Productions (UK).
Sept. 2003 – Dec. 2004
Producer of commercials and films at FilmBox studio (~50 ads and adaptations)
Nov. 2002 – Apr. 2004
Member of board at joint-stock company Riga Motion Pictures Studio
Jun. 2002 – Feb. 2003
Author and creator of informative guide “How, When, Where and Why to Shoot in Latvia” for European Film Market (Berlin) (Latvian Film Producers Association)
Feb. 2001 and Feb. 2002
Author and creator of interactive CD-ROM “Films From Latvia” for European Film Market (Berlin)
Nov. 2002 – Sept. 2003
Project coordinator at Baltic Films (international PR organization of National cinematographic institutions of all 3 Baltic countries) and National Film Centre of Latvia (European Film Market (Berlin), Cannes Film Market, MIFA (Annecy), etc…)
Dec. 1999 – Aug. 2000
Managing director of magazine “Kino Raksti” (“Film Writtings”) issued by National Film Centre of Latvia and Filmmakers Union
Sept. 1999  - May. 2000
Producer of the documentary film “Tempus Perfectum” (AKC, Scilla)
Sept. 1999  - Jan. 2000
Producer of the 2 student short films “Bad Place” and “Photo” (project Debut, AKC)
Sept.– Nov. 1998
Production manager of the feature film “Hide and Seek” (Kaupo Filma)
Aug. - Sept. 1998
Producer of the documentary film “Spanish Capriccio” (AKC)
June 1998 - Jan. 2001
Producer of the documentary film “Liberty Live...” (“Gilde” film studio)
May 1997 - May 1998
Producer of the documentary film “Gavriila” (“Gilde” film studio, in co-production with VPRO-TV (Netherlands))
Apr. 1997 – Nov. 2002
Head of Production at National Film Centre of Latvia
Oct. 1996 – Feb. 2001
Project manager of “Development of Informative field of Cinematography in Latvia” - creating of Internet database about films in Latvia and their authors. (Gilde film studio)
Nov. 1995 - Nov.1996
Executive producer of the feature film “Satanic story” first film in the television series “Dragon’s Egg” at “Gilde” film studio.
July 1995 - Feb.1996
Managing director of weekly newspaper " Sporta Av?ze" ("Sport Newspaper").
Aug. 1994 - May 1996
Production manager of the 10 newsreels and shorts at Riga Documentary Film Studio.
April - Aug. 1994
Marketing specialist at Latvian-Finnish advertising company “Silicons”.
May 1992 - April 1994
Production manager and assistant director of the following documentary films: "Don't Forget Carl", "Story of a Language", “A Day in Riga", "99m From Rome to Forum", “Girls from 1960”, feature film “Investigation of Related Events”.

Sept., Oct. 1992 and

Oct., Nov. 1990
Technical consultant at International Film Festival "Arsenals".
Nov. 1988 - May 1992
Assistant of director and production manager of the following films: documentaries "The Time of President", “Seven Days in August", “Sun City", “Secrets of Stone Mazes",  "Janis Berzins. Head of Intelligence Service", short “Sun setting 2X”, and feature film  "Eva's Paradise Garden",
Oct., Nov. 1988
Assistant of director at International Film Festival “Arsenals”.

Public activities

Member of International Jury at Munich International Documentary Film Festival (May, 2003)

Member of Latvian Filmmakers Union and Latvian Film Producers Association.


Completed training courses:

“TV Management for Producers” at Baltic Media Centre, Denmark (1996 and 1999);

“Co - Production Course” at Baltic Media Centre, Denmark (1997 and 1999).

“Avid Media Composer Film Editing system” training courses organized by Avid Denmark and Baltic Media Centre, Denmark (1997)

“Administering Microsoft Windows NT4” and “Supporting Microsoft Windows NT4 Core Technologies” at SoftTronic, Riga (1999)


Additional information

“B” category driver’s license since 1994


Photography skills – more than 100 publications in different magazines and newspapers in Latvia and Estonia. Exhibition “Sea” at gallery Hotel Convent Yard (2001).


Language knowledge - Latvian (native), Russian, English, German (fluent)


Computer skills - MAC, PC, UNIX computers installation and maintenance,

Video editing software - Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer; Apple Final Cut Pro;

Graphic software - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat; Macromedia Freehand; QuarkXpress;

DVD mastering software – Sonic Scenarist, Adobe Encore DVD

Audio editing software – Amadeus; Adobe Audition

Office software - Microsoft Office, Claris, Open Office;

Database software - File Maker; Microsoft Access;

Web mastering software - Adobe GoLive; Netscape Visual Java Script; Microsoft Front Page;

Java Script and DHTML programming languages;

LAN installation and administering (NT)

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