Laima Žurgina
Member of the Board of Latvian Filmmakers Union.
President of the Film Directors Guild.
Vice-president of the Latvian Department of Dante Alighieri Society in Italy.
Graduated from the State Cinematography Institute in Moscow 1963-1969, the post graduate studio of Prof. Leonid Kristi. In 1971- Graduation Work, a film “Maris Liepa”.
With the decision of the State Commission the qualification of Film and TV Director has been granted. A film director in Riga Film Studio 1968.04.-1990.06. Since 1990.06. up to now contract works in the film and video area in different studios.
A film director and scriptwriter approximately of fifty documentary films and more than a hundred newsreels - “Art” ,”Sports Review”, “Newsreel of Latvia”.
A laureate of international film festivals.
Most Famous Films
1971 “Maris Liepa”
1972 “Physicians” (TV Bulgaria) a diploma in Varna Film Festival
1973 “Baltic Is Nearby “ (TV Bulgaria)
1977 “Rainonds Pauls“
1977 “The Fourth Dimension“
1979 “Imants Ziedonis, Portray in Cases“ - the medal of “Lielais Kristaps”
1985 “Ugly Duckling - Child of Man” - a price winner in the festivals at Florence (Italy) and Alma-Ata (Kazahstan)
1986 “Dzemma” - diploma’s in the festivals at Leipzig (Germany) and Cretei (France)
1989 “Categorial Imperative“ - nominated in the programmes of festivals in
Monte Carlo(France), San Francisco (the USA), Mannheim (Germany), Madrid (Spain)
1990 “They Are Also My Sons “ - about fellows who perished in the army and
their mothers. A prize winner in the festivals in Luebeck (Germany), Jekaterinburg
(Russia) and Kogoshima (Japan), nominated in programmes in Cannes and Moscow
1994 “Century Anniversary“ - the medal of “Lielais Kristaps”
1995 “The Nordic Song“

Video Films:
1993 “Latvian Vendetta” (“Death Penalty in Latvia”), Yleisradio Finland
1996 “Denmark for Latvia”
1996 “Way of Light” (in co-operation with the Nordic Council)
1997 “Raimonds Pauls. Music between Body and Soul”
1997 "Trivium" - Home

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