Born on December 19,1932.
Graduated from the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, Department of Directors of Photgraphy (1959) and the Highest Courses in Script-writing and Directing in Moscow (1968).
Uldis Brauns
director, director of photography, scriptwriter

Work experience
As of 1961 worked at the Riga Film Studio.
Creative work

With his short film "The White Bells" (1961) has started the tradition of poetic filmmaking in Latvia with metaphoric shots and editing. In his first feature-length documentary "235 000 000" (1967) he has created a general portrait of the nationas living in the Soviet Union, by contrasting the individual and sensitive things in the lives of individuals with the variety of global events.

Has directed numerous documentaries and a feature film. Has been a scriptwriter for all his films. - Home
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