Ten Minutes Older
Documentary, 1978, 35mm, B/W, mono, 10
This documentary film without words observes the faces of children watching a theatre play.
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Pauls Pakalns
Production Company
Heaven and Earth by Herz Frank

The first rule of a documentary filmmaker is: Have the patience to observe life!

If you are observant, if you look not only with your eyes, but also with yourheart, the life, for sure, will present you with some particular discovery. Then, the reality recorded by you will gain the artistic value, become in line with art, and will always excite people. The facts and events can become old. They can become history. The feelings we felt regarding those events stay with us. Therefore, art is the only living bridge between people of various generations, between time periods.

Lately, I was invited to conduct a seminar in the film academy in Baden Wurtenberg in Ludvigsburg, Germany. Many documentaries screened during the three-day program were older than the students themselves, which means that they had been produced by us before they were born. Those included the short film "Ten Minutes Older" from 1978,But the reaction was as if the film had been shot only yesterday.

In my 76 years, I was happy as a
child about our documentary filmmaking. This means that our work together with the film's cameraman Juris Podnieks was not wasted. In 1974, when he was still a student, I shared my secret idea of shooting a film in one take with him for the first time. At that time, this idea seemed too unrealistic to him. In four-yeartime both of us matured.

He is not alive any more. The boy recorded in one take - he watches a puppet show, a fairy tale about the Good and the Evil - has become a grown-up man, I have turned gray ...

But the little black-and-white film is still being screened. Last year, it was screened in an international film festival in Seoul, South Korea, A year before, it had been "rolled" for three months in Israel National Museum in Jerusalem. They even equipped aspecial room, and people watched the film for several times, (Here I enclose the invitation card).

A critic wrote that this film, with
persuading simplicity, shows that artistic creativity is a mutual emotional process. Moreover, the viewer is involved not abstractly, theoretically, but in a very active manner.

Another critic added that a person senses the first philosophical conception of life when touching upon other person's drama, when
throwing oneself into other person's life - catharsis! And the film amazes with this emotional and philosophical finding, There is both heaven and earth...

For me, "Ten Minutes Older" still remains a model documentary. There, the screen time and the real time are identical. There are no words, and it was taken all in one breath. The face of a kid, who for the first time gets to know the familiar fight between the Good and the Evil, reflects the depths of the human soul. We did not editanything, we simply started rolling in the right time, and we were patient enough to sit through the drama of the little child... This child helped me to enter into my new film, "Flashback," which basically has grown out of it.

The film lives, and this is the most important thing! One of my friends from documentary filmmakers laughed saying that this is my "Ironclad "Potjomkin"."

I do not object.

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