99 Meters form Rome to Forums
A colour documentary film1993, 35 mm, 10 min.
The country - Latvia, city - Riga, place - Old Riga, the historical center of the capital. In those meters we made a compact film model of the society in the new, independent stage of our state that visibly shows all the trends of the new time - poverty and might, young and great hopes and hopelessness that often lead to the thought about suicide, great talent and triviality fight for existence in the new situation where all the previous
is ruined but the new has not been built yet. We can see there the new riches in their 20-ies who can sell you even an atomic bomb, luxurious cars, banks, casino for an appropriate amount of money. On every corner we can see persons who exchange currency and can exchange even half a million of any currency at any time of the day, prostitutes and their so called "managers" with no hair on the heads that are willing to serve their foreign customers if necessary also on the street, at the same time we see there also children who are left without a roof above their heads to whom the stolen piece of bread will allow to exist a few days more and street musicians to whom it is the only way of living, street artists who are trying to sell excellent masterpieces and also doubtful paintings, drug addicts and other anti-social elements. It seems that one foot of ours is already in Europe we have accepted all the ugly things from the western society, so that only very few things or steps have remained till...
Script: Romualds Pipars
Director: Romualds Pipars
Assistant of director:
Kristians Luhaers
Director of photography:
Olegs Kotovics, Romualds Pipars
Executive producer:
Baiba Urbane
Production company:
Riga Documentary Filma Studio


Gilde Film Studio
Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508441
e-mail: pipars@mailbox.riga.lv

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