The City of the Sun
Photo by
Romualds Pipars
(In the Siberian Winds)
A colour documentary film
1991,35 mm, 52 min.

Ilmars Latkovskis,
Romualds Pipars
Romualds Pipars
Assistant of director:
Kristians Luhaers
Director of photography:
Olegs Kotovics
Executive producer:
Baiba Urbane

Production company:
Riga Documentary Filma Studio


Gilde Film Studio
Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508441

The film is based on the fact of the biggest tragedy of Latvian nation - Occupation crimes during the Soviet Union invasion in Latvia since 1940. The oppression of the nation, deportation and manslaughter in the concentration camps in Siberia that was executed by the repressive institution of Soviet Union from 19941 till 1949. It is considered as genocide against the Latvian nation. That was continued by the russification of the Latvians and sending immigrants to Latvia. This created serious threats to the existence of Latvian nation and preservation of its mentality. The life stories of the six heroes of the film allow us to follow the "Way of Pain" of the Latvian nation. Prisons, concentration camps, mass graves, half ruined barracks in a short distance from the wreckages of communistic shock-buildings, these are the mute witnesses and harsh evidence of the communistic genocide against Latvian nation. The visual material of the film is very colorful, on the banks of the mighty Siberian river Yeniseya half ruined remains of the concentration camps, sunset in Solovec islands where the first camp of politic prisoners was situated, rich materials from archives showing the heaviness of the century. Several quotations form the great communist idea utopias author Tomazo Kampanella works "Sunny town" are used in the film.
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