The Head of Intelligence Service
Documentary film 1990 35 mm, 90 min.

Janis Berzins
This film is a brief look into the history of the Soviet Union from 1917 till 1938. At the establishment of the country the intelligence service was formed the duties of what was to guarantee security and the state power. It was established and from 1921 till 1937 led by "the spy of the spies", a Latvian Janis Berzins. During the fight of the world’s intelligence services, in the very front of which there was spy war between Germany and Russia, we see the tragic personality of the hero - Janis Berzins, the person that was one of the invisible leaders of the huge country, person that with a help of his spy network - Comintern (Communistic International) could change the state structure of any country, the brightest example is the civil war in Spain that caused the beginning of the Second World War. Still he was a victim of his own system. In the film you can see for the first time, unique materials from the secret archives and also film archives showing the darkest pages of the "kitchen of the spies".
Script: Boriss Borisovs
Romualds Pipars
Assistant of director:
Kristians Luhaers
Director of photography:
Olegs Kotovics
Sound Director: Alfreds Visnevskis
Editor: Gunta Ikere
Executive producer:
Baiba Urbane


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Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
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