Documentary Film

Crocodile’s Move
Documentary, 1995, 35mm, color, mono, 90’
Norberts Klaucens
Imants Ziedonis
Ivars Seleckis
Ivars Seleckis
Ivars Vigners
Gunars Racenajs
Viktors Licovs
Maija Selecka
Aivars Dambekalns
Lilija Berzina
Regina Andersone
Story editor
Ruta Frijare
Executive producer
Leonids Berzins

Production Company
Documentary Film


A horse cart drives though Kurzeme, the Western region of Latvia. Four elderly women bring along a sizable sculpture of crocodile to erect a monument for their mate Arvids Blumentals at the ruins of his former farm.
50 years have passed since the German army surrendered in the in the historical stronghold of Kurzeme. Yet only recently the Russian troops have been withdrawn from Latvia.
The nation has been ravaged and scattered all over the world.
The veteran of Kurzeme battles the legionaire Arvids Blumentals is a crocodile hunter in Australia now, TV reporters have nicknamed him Crocodile Harry ( he is also prototype for the adventure film "Crocodile Dundee" ).
While the monument is taken though Kurzeme, today’s scenes overlap with reminiscences, the fates of people met on the way are portrayed alongside with reflections of Crocodile Harry in his home place – the Australian desert.
The Soviet army early warning radar station in Skrunda is blown up, the East – West oil route across the soldier’s graves. Is the war finally over in Latvia too?
The film expresses concerns for the survival of the nation, it shows the enormous damage inflicted by the Soviet occupation and it speaks of persistence that history demands again from the Latvian nation.
The film’s musical score is based on the song "A White Rose Fades by the Garden Edge" which tells about the unrequited love of soldiers’ girl friends.

Photo by
Aivars Dambekalns

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