2001, 35mm, Betacam SP, stereo, 52'
2001 - BEST DOP at the National Filmmaker’s Award "Lielais Kristaps" (Latvia)
Nordiche Filmtage Lubeck 2001
14th Open Documentary Film Festival "Russia" 2001
37th International Festival of Documentary Films and Multimedia Programmes 2002 Olomouc
Tiburon International Film Festival 2003
This film is about a charming, intelligent, energetic woman, special correspondent of radio “Liberty” in Yugoslavia, a Latvian - Aija Kuge who from simple countryside girl has developed into internationally recognized journalist.
Baiba Steina
Production Company

Gilde Film Studio
Amatu iela 5, LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Mobile: +371 29508441
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This film is about Aija Kuge a charming, intelligent, energetic Latvian woman who is married with a Serb, has been living in Belgrade for more than 25 years and is a special correspondent of American owned radio broadcasting station "Liberty" in Yugoslavia. The aim of this film is to try to understand current situation in the Balkans and to draw some future prospects of the region with the help of western oriented journalist and at the same time permanent citizen of Yugoslavia Aija Kuge .
At the moment when NATO air strikes against Serbian military forces is in an apogee Aija continues to fulfill her journalist duty in spite of repressive measures from Yugoslavian secret services and the police. Aija has been and still is at the most dangerous and hottest Yugoslavian conflict areas because she has acquired confidence from all the conflicting parties. It seems that nobody can resist trusting such a beautiful and extremely energetic woman who would not leave her post of conflict journalist even if her leg is broken. This woman with shining eyes and prideful posture during her green years with her beauty and charm even has inspired several Latvian nude photo artists and film directors.
The family life of Aija seems to be rather tragic. Her husband Iovan due to some rare illness has almost lost his eyesight. She - energetic, vital and joyful woman, he - elderlish man that has lost any hope... Still Aija neither in words nor actions complains about her fate. Although in many photographs she is seen together with some brave and handsome men, Iovan is her husband. Aija is trying to compensate her problematic private life with public activity.
It is planned to make this film as a portrait of woman with interviews and voice over. The story of the film will broadly consist of two parts describing both the daily work as journalist and the private life of a woman.
The first part of the film would contain such episodes: how she is gathering news material, how she is preparing news material for broadcasting and finally - broadcasting live over the mobile phone. There in the first part of the film will be also archive footage and photographs where Aija is seen in the company of politicians, for example, Yugoslavian president Milosevich or Bosnian president Plasic as well as few interviews with her colleagues journalists from the broadcasting company.
The second part will portrait Aija Kuge - a woman in her private live, going shopping in the market, preparing meal, doing laundry, feeding her dog or supporting her husband. There will also be some interviews with people having close relationships with her.
As illustrative background material we will show people and places, beautiful scenes from period of peace and dreadful military scenes. We will use war photographs and footage that was shot by Serb, Bosnian and Albanian reporters.
Last year in summer and in October just before the air strikes we have twice been in Belgrade. There we have shot an interview with Aija and as well as her meeting with president Milosevich. We have also shot interviews with journalists from broadcasting station

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