Talivaldis Margevics

Director and cameraman
Ivars Seleckis

Hanes Korjus
European Documentary Film Symposium
Amatu iela 5,
LV 1941, Riga, Latvia
Tel./Fax: +371 7210022,
Mobile: +371 9508442


Supported by National Film Centre of Latvia

35 mm, 80 min
The film will be about Latvia and the dramatic and sometimes comic adventures of the people from Western Europe in contacts with Latvians.

It will be about work, love and business.
About European integration.

Project description
The main characters are:
Lucien Erbier, a cheese master form France, who, three years ago started to produce Camamber in Latvia;
Andris, a highly qualified construction worker, working in Spain, where a Latvian building company has received a commission, but the local people consider him as an unwanted competitor;
Elina Garanca, an opera singer and owner of a rear voice - coloratura mezzo-soprano -who has made a debut in Meiningen Opera and tries to build up an international career;
And a loving couple - Latvian girl Ieva and Italian boy Franco who have to surmount the differences created by mentality and traditions.

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