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We Are
0,0005 Square mm in Crosscut work title
Documentary, Betacam SP, 17’ 2004
Scriptwritter and director
Romualds Pipars
Baiba Urbane
Riga, the last days of the year 2001. We find a path through snow-drifts to a lab of the Faculty of Power Engineering, Riga Technical University. The lab is stuffed with old equipment which brings back school years, physics laboratory. Janis Poikans, a scientist, is ready to perform an experiment. To tell the truth, it’ll be done due to our visit. We’d like to shoot the film’s first episode. We are going to make a pilot reel to assure you, dear colleagues, of an incredible phenomenon.
There is a white paper box on the table with wires linked to it that have the required parametres of current. In the next room there is another box on a stool, on the distance about 15 metres from the first box. The boxes are connected by a copper wire 0,0005 square mm in crosscut, which is thinner than a human hair and a bit heavier than spider’s web.
The experiment is started… The first box produces some certain current and the second one starts a condenser with powerful electric arc discharge, or a 40W direct current electric motor.
‘Well, what special is about all this?’ you can ask.
Let’s recall our school physics. We were taught that electric current flows by two wires, and that the thinner the wire is the bigger losses of current are. Nowadays electric transmission lines lose from 40 to 60% of energy. It’s just heating of the globe.
Yet in the present experiment the losses of current can hardly be proved as they are about ZERO.
Now let’s imagine such a thin wire between Riga and an electric power-station. What an economy of material and in the long run the consumers’ money!
Still these are our hopes and dreams, but in reality we have merely one box on the table, the other on the stool and a wire which is hardly to be seen and even harder to be filmed.
Well, the scientist is setting out round the world looking for good fortune, in other words, for sponsorship. He puts his boxes under his arm and winds the 15 meter transmission line into a ball as small as a pinhead. The film crew follows him to see the further fate of his wonderful invention.
We are going to focus not so much on the scientific side but on Janis Poikan’s struggle for his discovery. We suppose that the film will be both educational and entertaining.
We are planning to use computer graphics and some special methods of shooting to make the film more interesting and attractive
Gilde film studio
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