The state non-profit joint-stock company began its work in 1998.

The purpose of the Culture Capital Foundation (KKF) is to provide financial support and promote a balanced development of all creative arts, education and the preservation of cultural heritage.

KKF’s tasks include promotion of cultural renewal and creative arts processes, to finance arts and research projects by individuals and legal entities in the cultural sector, to award honorary stipends to outstanding representatives of culture and arts for achievements in the development of culture and arts, to promote education and improvement of professional qualifications, to promote development of international relations, popularise Latvian arts and sciences abroad, accessibility for the public, to promote development of traditional culture.

KKF is governed by a board appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers sectoral councils and the KKF board. The KKF council supervises the activities of KKF, decides on the strategy of KKF, works out the procedure for submitting, evaluating and financing projects, as well as decide on the distribution of KKF funding in the implementation of interbranch projects.
The council of each branch consists of seven representatives of each respective branch, chosen by competition for a certain period of time.

The council for the film branch reviews and supports the following project categories:
Creative projects (script writing, preparation of film projects, shooting of films, with feature films as a priority).
Projects popularising cultural values ( establishing contacts, film festivals, competitions, conferences, seminars, etc.)
Educational projects (studios, training, re-training, courses and other types of instruction).
Projects in preservation of cultural values and research projects (research work, publications, and others).

The branch councils also support artistic retreats that correspond to the development strategy of the respective branch.

So far, KKF film council has supported tens of projects connected with all types and genres of film projects.

Average financial support has been about LVL 200,000 to LVL 250,000 annually.

Culture Capital Foundation
Pils iela 20
Riga LV 1050, Latvia
Tel.: +371 7503177
Fax: +371 7503176
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