The National Film Festival of Latvia Lielais Kristaps HISTORY
The National Film Festival of Latvia Lielais Kristaps 2000
The National Film Festival of Latvia Lielais Kristaps 2001
The National Film Festival of Latvia Lielais Kristaps 2005
The National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps 2003

Prizes of the National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps 2003:
Award For Life Contribution Elza Radzina
Best feature film The Python
director, produ
cer Laila Pakalnina
production company - Kompanija Hargla
Best documentary But the Hour is Near director Juris Poskus
prducers Juris Poskus, Laima Freimane
production company - Fa Filma
Best short documentary film Victoria's Children
Liga Pipare, producer Baiba Urbane
production company - Film Studio GILDE
Best animation The Grandad's Honey
director Vladimir Leschov
prducers Vitolds Novaks
production company - Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Dersign. Animation Dept.
Best debute Found in America
director Sandris Jura
prducers Ilona Bicevska
production company - s/o AVANTIS

Best in their professions:
Scriptwriter Askolds Saulitis, Viktors Duks
Keep Smiling
Feature film director No director was avarded
Feature film director of photography Gints Berzins
The Python
Actress Kristine Nevarauska
Handful of Bullets
Actor Voldemars Karpacs
The Last Soviet Movie
Secondary role Ilze Pukinska
The Python
Designer Juris Pakalnins
The Python
Composer Janis Brunovskis
Keep Smiling
Documentary director Herz Frank
Documentary director of photography Uldis Jancis
The Roof Man
Animation director Roze Stiebra
Sries The Little Fairy-Tales
Animation designer Signe Baumane
Sound director Aivars Riekstins
Primadonna on Rollerskates
Ediror Maija Selecka
Primadonna on Rollerskates

Students’ films
Spectators’ award
Keep Smiling

Special jury awards:
for persuasive actor’s debut - to Marcis Lacis
for interpretation in the form of essay the Song Festival of Latvia – to the film director Ivars Zviedris
for the delicate and humane attitude towards protagonists treating their life drama – to the documentary With Grass on Your Mind
for titanic work revealing and documenting the historical evidence – to the film director Dzintra Geka

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