Serving a Rich Mistress
Fiction, Satirical comedy /Drama, 1969
Director: Leonids Leimanis
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Based on a novel "A Smiling Leaf" by the famous Latvian writer Andrejs Upitis. The film gives a wide and also critical insight in bourgeois Latvia of late 20ies: the period when almost every "little man" could become " a rich gentleman or a lady" if he or she took active part in some political party. Two central characters are Emma, a daughter of a not very well-off people, and Olgerts, an unemployed intelligent. Emma is proud, quick-witted and fair. She has only one bad habit - she steals nice things, because she has never had them. Olgerts is looking for some job and finds it finally in the house of a "rich lady" , previous petty kiosk owner, now a wife of an influential party deputy. Olgerts finds work there also for Emma, who is trying to overcome her bad habit. Strikingly individualized characters depicting different social layers, expressive play of actors inclining to sarcasm, create a social comedy as a result.
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