Fiction, Drama, 1970
Director: Olgerts Dunkers
e-mail: latfilma@erseta.lv
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The film presents problems of the 70ies in the rural parts of Latvia. The love of ones native country, the farmer's attachment to the land and the continuity of generations - these are some of the problems that a young heroe of the film Klavs grapples with. After military service Klavs, the son of the local collective farm's first chairman Martins, who was killed by bandits, returns to his village. He comes just to be present at a wedding party, where he meets Bille, and feels drawn to her. But Bille is a daughter of light-minded woman Ance, his father's first love, whom his mother has despised all her life. Klavs starts to work at the collective farm, but after a quarrel with some people he leaves. When his mother dies, he returns and has to take a decision again: to leave or to stay. But this time he cannot leave. He understands that this is his real home.
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