The Servants of the Devil
Fiction, Musical/ Advenure/ Comedy, 1970
Director: Aleksandrs Leimanis
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Based on novels by Rutku Tevs (script by Janis Anerauds).
The action of the film takes place in the 17th century Riga. The authors attempt to show the sources of strength of the mutinous Riga. The story centres around three country lads - Andris, Peteris and Ermanis -full of primeval energy and strength, and their three brides - Ruta, Anna, Lene - who are ready to share with their beloved ones all sorts of dangerous adventures. They are up against their foes - the foreign powers who want to capture Riga and the local gentry, whose only interest is to sell the city to the conquerors. No wonder, that the city officials call them Devil's Disciples and are going to execute them. And who saves them from sure death? It is Andris' witty bride Ruta, who arrives on a Swedish Kings horse.
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