Fiction, Satirical Drama, 1972
Director: Rolands Kalnins

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Based on a novel by the famous Latvian writer Pavils Rozitis.
It is a story about the foundation of a joint-stock company, its growth, flourishing and bankruptcy. And the sea of human passions, vibrating around it - such is a scope of a film.
Action takes place in the 20ies - the first years of a newly established independent Latvian state. Some nimble men, hiding behind the hollow phrases about the national state, are trying to become wealthy by any means, at the expense of people and the state, and also each other. The central character - a new businesman Ceplis (very talented Latvian actor Eduards Pavuls) - establishes a brick production joint-stock company. He starts to export his products and becomes an influential man in the society. A lot of people's fates are connected with this company. Ceplis' more or less succeseful "deals", as well as work and in love themes comprises the stylistically delicate material of the film.
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