Fiction, Musical/ Adventure/ Comedy, 1972
Director: Aleksandrs Leimanis
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The adventures of the three brave Devil's Disciples goes on!
Both Swedish and Polish invaders want to get the Riga Keys. Mendacious and corruptible officials from Town Council are eager to hand over the Keys to the ambassador of Swedish king, but Devil's Disciples steal it and hide in the Devil's Mill. Riga can not be considered invaded, while the conquerers don't have the Riga Keys. Swedes and the local gentry, as well as the Polish prince Radzivil try to get the Keys back. At last the Swedes manage to take hold of them, but not for long, as the Devil's Disciples deceive them again. When the conquerers unite their forces and start attacking the Devil's Mill, the brave defenders of Riga, along the secret passage return to town, and Riga again belongs to the town's people.
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