Fiction, Drama, 1973
Director: Gunars Piesis
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Based on the play by the wellknown Latvian poet and playwright Janis Rainis, the film tells the story of a fatal love. Everything takes place during one day in a farmstead of the ancient Latvia. A rich landlady has two daughters - Zane and Anda - and a poor relative Baiba, her deceased sister's daughter. Mother's daughters are waiting for the suitors who are coming across the Daugava. But when Zane's bridegroom Uldis arrives, he sets his eyes on Baiba. He does not want to marry Zane anymore. Riot of passions begins and the outcome is tragic.
Both in the play and the movie the characters and their relations are risen to philosophic generalisation, to symbols, in order to emphasize the idea that strength and power should unite with tenderness and warmheartedness, in order to form a new more humane society. An integral part in the film has become the music score by Imants Kalnins.
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