Fiction, Comedy/ Drama, 1975
Director: Janis Streics
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The film, dominated by good humour and kind-hearted optimism, is a story about a young worker Arvids Lasmanis, a man with the "hands of gold". He is impulsive, direct and very honest, he cannot reconcile himself to injustice, neglect of one's work, thriftlessness. Arvids is highly demanding towards himself, and towards others as well. This is why his fellow workers do not like him, and thinks he is a clown. An old artist becomes his only friend . Arvid's idealism causes various complications in his life - conflict with a master, problems in the family. After a quarrel with his wife, Arvidsbecomes a grave-digger just to show that he can earn money as easy as others. However, he passes all the trials the life brings forward with honour, as under his outer unseriousness a wholehearted and serious person is hidden.
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