Fiction, Melodrama, 1976
Director: Gunars Cilinskis, Varis Brasla
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Based on a novel "The Well" by the Latvian contemporary writer Regina Ezera, this is a love story of Laura and Rudolf. The film follows their relations from their getting acquainted till parting. A doctor Rudolf has come to a quiet country village to spend his vacation here. His family life has not been very succesful. And here he meets an attractive local teacher Laura, whose husband is in prison for shooting his best friend at the hunting. And a subtle, imperceptible contact develops between those two people. Every next encounter means drawing together and withdrawing at the same time, which create this delicate love melody in the film's structure. But Laura, regardless of strong feelings between them, is still aware of how necessary she is to her husband. Finally the sense of duty wins and she refuses from Rudolf and love.
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