Fiction, Drama/ Horror, 1983
Director: Eriks Lacis
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Based on the novel - a poetic legend by Janis Maulins "Traces", that belongs to the best Latvian culture-historical literature.
The film is about Latvian peasants' life in XVIII century, when there ruled arbitrariness of the german landlords, lack of any rights for people and superstition. People longing for freedom got peculiar expression - in the form of various witchcrafts. For this they were punished. But very often landlords themselves were illiterate and believed in supernatural forces more than peasants. In the centre of the plot there are fates of three brothers - Toms, Andris and Mikelis. Rutlessness of a cruel landlord has driven them to despair. They run to the forest and start fighting against oppressors, resourcefully using superstitious belief that man can turn into warewolf. After they had attacked the landlords estate and burned it down and taken landlord as a prisoner, another landlord decides to start hunting wolves.
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