Director: Gunars Piesis
Fiction, Fairy tale, 1985
Based on the play by the famous Latvian writer Anna Brigadere.
Spriditis is a little boy who has a nasty step-mother. She makes him work hard. One day Spriditis decides to go and look for the Land of Happiness. He takes a spade with him, as he is going to find some hidden treasure and become rich. He does not find money, but meets the Mother of Winds and the Mother of Woods. They ask him to do some work, and rewards him for it. He manages to overcome a Giant and a Miser. Then he comes to a castle and agrees to free it from devil. The king promises him a princess and half of the Kingdom. But when the boy has done his work, they cheat him. With the help of the Magic Ring he returns home and realises that one can only be happy in one's native land.

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