16th International European Documentary Film Symposium
Is the New Documentary. That New?

Michael Pilz
Film Director/Film Theorist
Listen with the Eyes

Glad to meet you. Only some short words on this topic from my experience. When you told about Kieszlowky’s words:”It is hard to live in a world which is not descripted” I would like to add  It is hard to live in a world that is not….. Most times in a documentary film making it is the objects we are looking for and the filmmakers themselves maybe most times they… maybe most times they like to project themselves on these objects. There was a film by Sten Bracket (???) in the early seventies. It is called “To seen with one’s own eyes” and for me a very good example where you can study how the camera and how the eyes and how the thinking of the author, the filmmaker works in front of subject, in front of objects which hardly to…When I was asked to to talk here about something concerning documentary filmmaking, I said I would like to talk about …to …watch with my ears… Often in my films maybe useful some of those excerpts yesterday Often when I am filming and most of the times I am filming with the camera myself I am using my ears for may be coming closer to what is going on an that means what is the invisible I think the colleague from Poland talked also about this. Filmmaking for me always has been a way to come closer to the invisible by using the visible or contrary. In that meaning also often fon me in filmmaking I had the feeling it has more to do with composing music than to search for some images and searching for images most times I had the feeling that the deeper experience I make with my ears and …the eyes…the images I can kind of simple control of what I am listening to.  So in my films, also in kind of fiction films I did long films for the big screen I used the sound and the sound is I would say is more important than the images are. Art is not a matter of what but of how…And I don’ t believe in giving messages by making films or by showing films I believe in trying to be an example in experiencing the world and by being an example under prisons camp can be with me … or be with the film or not And  anyway it is a risk and I am not sure what I am talking about. And If this helps to come over the chaotic scenario and its always also with filmmaking walk on the knives edge or walk on the ice. Thank you. - Home
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