A Latvian Filmmakers Union joint venture.
Main activity - computer editing.
The primary purpose of the “Training and Co-Production Centre”
(Apmacibu un Kopprodukciju centrs, AKC) is co-operation between a diverse range of film and video artists. AKC not only offers a wide variety technical and artistic services but can assume production tasks in the creation of an audio-visual project.

The main services provided are:
Audio-visual editing, sound recording, dubbing, subtitles on
AVID Media Composer 1000 , AVID Xpress Pro and Final Cut Pro computer stations
Both analogue and digital recording may be the raw footage for film editing.
All technical data prepared for further film duplication in film laboratories.
CD and DVD recordings.
distribution of completed products in VHS stereo cassette format.
Training and Co-Production Centre & the Latvian Filmmakers Union offer the Collections of Latvian Films on VHS

AKC completed projects include short commercials, documentary and industrial films, short and full-length motion pictures. Most have been prepared in conjunction with the National Film Centre of Latvia and many have brought home prizes from various foreign film festivals.

Artistic freedom and a varied selection of editing possibilities in short order, guaranteed specifically by non-linear editing, have already been highly praised by many experienced filmmakers, who have previously worked in 35mm.

AKC is open to co-operation opportunities, conducts consultations on production of film and other audio-visual works, and takes on the role of intermediary in procuring professional filmmakers for completion of clientele’s projects

AKC has a flexible price policy, co-ordinated with client affordability, the individual project’s specifics, size and volume.

Contact: Ieva Romanova
Elizabetes iela 49, LV 1010, Riga, Latvia - Home